How to make your Android App with MIT App Inventor

All of us use so many apps on our phone, I really wanted to make an App on my own. I am learning App Development from Avishkaar and I am really loving it. We are using MIT App Inventor tool for building these amazing apps. You can use other tools like Scratch, etc. whatever you are comfortable with. Let’s see how to make a Canvas App to create drawings…

I made Canvas App for Android Phones

How to make an Android App with MIT App Inventor

How to Download and Install my App on your Android Phone

  1. Download the APK File

    You can download the APK file into your mobile from here – DOWNLOAD NOW
    The file will be downloaded into your mobile phone. You can open the file manager on your phone and check INSTALL PACKAGES. You will find this file here on your mobile

  2. Begin Installation

    Click on Sparsh_Canvas.apk file. This will begin installation. Your phone might need you to give installation permission to this app. Pls allow installation from security settings if required. Take your parents help if needed.

  3. Install the App

    Click on the Install button once you see this msg.

  4. Give Play Store Permission

    You will now get a notification that this app is blocked by Play Protect. You can click on Install Anyway. You are getting this prompt because I have still not uploaded my app apk file to PlayStore.

  5. Start Using the App

    Now your app is ready to use and you can start Drawing!

  6. Share your Drawings on my App

    Take a screenshot of your drawing on my app and share it with us on out FACEBOOK GROUP.

How to Learn App Development

If you guys really want to learn App Development and enroll into the Micro Degree Program like I am doing, you can check out the Courses on Avishkaar Website! Use Coupon Code – SPARSH10 for 10% discount on any Avishkaar Product or Course. CHECK IT OUT TODAY!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I learn Android App Development?

I am doing the App Development and Game Development Microdegree from Avishkaar. You can also check out their courses here – Avishkaar App Development Micro Degree Program

What is the minimum age for me to learn App Development?

There is no minimum age. You can start whenever you really want to do it. You should just know how to operate a computer and a mobile phone.

Do I need to know coding for app development?

You do not need any prior coding experience. Building apps with MIT App Inventor is really very easy and can be done with the help of block programming. No coding needed.

Can I use Scratch for App Development?

You can use any tool you are comfortable with. It doesn’t really matter.

Can I make my own games with MIT App Developer?

Yes you can make your own games using MIT App Developer.

Is there any COUPON CODE for Avishkaar Website for Discount?

Yes. You can use the Coupon Code – SPARSH10 for a 10% discount across Avishkaar Website.

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