Squid Game Tug of War with cardboard

Squid Game is a fictional survival series which requires people to participate in what looks like games children might play. Today I have created my Squid Game DIY using Cardboard and paper. Squid game Tug of War is so much fun to play with. Do make one for yourself. Now, let’s see it’s tutorial.

How to make Squid Game Tug of War with Cardboard – Real Life Squid Game Challenge

Squid Game Tug of War
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Materials Required:

Follow these simple DIY steps to make Squid Game Tug of War with cardboard:

Time needed: 45 minutes.

Squid Game Tug of War with Cardboard

  1. Bridges:

    First, cut two broad cardboard pieces and four thin strips. Paste two strips on opposite sides of broad base. Then, cut two flexible cardboard piece of base size. Paste it on top.bridges

  2. Bridges stand:

    Next for bridge stand make cardboard piece as shown and paste it beneath on both sides. Paste one more cardboard piece between the stand from outer side. Then paste one small cardboard piece at bottom of stand. Make one more bridge in similar way. bridge stand

  3. Arena:

    Now, take a big cardboard piece and make its borders. Paste bridges in it. Cover the arena sides with textured paper.arena

  4. Painting:

    After that, paint the tug of war arena. Give some details. You can also write Squid Game on border.painting

  5. Characters:

    Next, take one small flexible cardboard piece. Fold it in a way to make a stand. Paste character printout on both side leaving some space at bottom. Then, paste the stand made in character printout. At last, paste small magnet below stand.characters

  6. Finishing:

    In similar way, add few more characters and attach them with rope. Take two long cardboard pieces and add magnets on one side. Insert the strips in bridge slots. strips

  7. Tug of War:

    Now, its ready! The strips we added in last are controllers. It will help to pull the characters. This is a two player game. For better understanding how to play this – watch video.squid game tug of war

Hurray, your own Squid Game Tug of War is ready. Try making this easy Tug of War with cardboard at home and share your pictures with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP.

How will it work?

We have added magnets under characters and one controller strip with magnet. The controller will pull the characters accordingly you are handling.

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