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How to build your own drone

Best DIY Drone Kit in India – Pluto 1.2

Have you ever thought – if you could make your own drone or helicopter or Airplane? It was really difficult to build your own drone a few earlier but startups like DRONA AVIATION are really changing the world. They are empowering people to learn everything they need to know about drones and help them actually build a drone from scratch with the Pluto 1.2 DIY Drone Kit! You can now build, fly and even program your own drone…

Avishkaar Box FULL E-Series Kit – Best Robotics Kit for Kids in India

Avishkaar Robotics and Coding Kit- E-Series Robotronics Full Kit, for young students and inventors with 50+ model projects. The kit is suitable for all children of 12+ years but you can also use it at a younger age if you are comfortable. I started using this kit when I was 5 years old! Since my dad was always there to help me and guide me, I was very comfortable with the kit and it’s components.

Katha – Best Story Books for Kids

Kathakaar – the children’s publishing programme at Katha, has been leveraging the power of stories to introduce children of all ages to the world of imagination and creativity. Katha’s children’s books offer ways of exploring the world with the help of interesting visuals and analogies to discuss and debate the issues that touch their lives. Every Katha book is designed to open children’s hearts and minds, and to encourage little people of our world make big differences!

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