Tatva Island Rangoli


Tatva Island Rangoli – The design of this rangoli and the inspiration behind Tatva rests in the harmonious representation of the principles of life, in Samkhya and Shaivite philosophies, which can be understood in the nature of ‘absolute’, in the souls and the Universe.

Island Rangoli is available in different sizes – 11 inches (Set of 2) 11 inches (Set of 5) ; 16 inches; 22 inches & 34 inches.


  • Can be used as Centre Piece on Tables
  • Base for Aromatic Candles or Diffusers
  • Pads for Deity centre Placement in office or at Homes
  • Welcome rangoli at entrance
  • Can be floated in an Urli Bowl at home or in a swimming pool





  • Portable: The template allows everyone to fill rangoli in their comfort space – table, floor, bed and then place it on your desired space.
  • Lightweight & Easy to clean: Island Rangoli can be placed anywhere and on any surface like floor, furniture, water, walls and garden. It can be washed easily OR can be dry dusted Using Spade spoon` and brush to remove previous fillings and get it ready for next use and Storage.
  • Easy to make: : Island Rangolis allows you in making a hassle and mess-free rangoli. Make it wherever and whenever you want in your comfort zone, without having to flesh out countless hours. Anyone can make this.
  • Placements: Place the template at the desired space of your home/office such as floor, garden, table top, stairs etc. Decorate with your Preferential ingredients like Colors, Pulses, Flowers, acrylic colours or Spices
  • Can be Floated: Island Rangoli is first of it’s kind rangoli in the world that can be floated on water which eventually enhances the beautification of this art. Adorn your space with this rangoli and seek compliments from your loved ones.


Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 15 cm
Sold By



11+ Years

Country of Origin


Rangoli sizes

11 Inches (Set of 2), 16 Inches, 22 Inches, 34 Inches


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