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Alphabetical Magic – Activity Box for 3-5 yrs Kids


Alphabetical Magic is a wholistic well-researched and thoughtfully developed kit for pre schoolers to know their alphabets and learn basic sight words. The kit comes with 26 reusable sheets and a sketch pen.

About the kit:

  • English concepts: The kit helps in developing basic understanding and recognition of alphabets.
  • Motor Skills: The reusable sheets and the sketchpen help kids enhance their motor skills as they scribble different alphabets, both small and capitals.

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Alphabetical Magic kit is a perfect kit to learn preschool English concepts. This fun box is for 3-5 years old and helps the kids learn different alphabets in capital and small with these . Flash cards of A-Z with tracing of uppercase and lowercase alphabets and related pictures to draw along. Write, Draw, Erase, Repeat and Practice as much as you want for easier and quick learning.

Content : 

    • Reusable Flashcards (A-Z) – 26
    • Sketch Pen with Eraser

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