sand tray learning kit for kids

Sand Tray – Best Quality Activity Box for 2-4yrs Kids


Designed for 2+ years kids, this wonderful kit helps kids use their fingers to draw on sand as they learn alphabets, shapes and many other things. The technique helps the children in recognition and in sharpening their fine motor skills.

About the Kit : 

    • Perfect Gift: While the kids read from books, this kit helps the kids learn basic writing skills using sand with is both fun and relaxing.
    • Sand and tray: The kit is packed with help cards to prompt kids with different things to try and draw.

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This excellent quality Sand Tray box helps in enhancing writing skills in children. This box is designed for age group 2+ with the purpose of developing fine motor skills in child and teaching with flashcards by spreading sand in the tray.

Content : 

    • Flashcards of Aa-Zz, I-I0, and shapes
    • Sand and tray

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