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Cardboard Bow and Arrow

Today I am sharing how to make cardboard bow and arrow that actually WORKS. This is an easy cardboard craft DIY. This tutorial will help you to make a really cool and powerful bow (Teer Dhanush) out of waste cardboard easily available at home. This is a simple cardboard weapon you can make and enjoy at home. Without further a due let’s check how to make this weapon.

Ganesh Makhar Aasan

Ganesh Makhar Aasan in Lotus Shape

With Ganesh Chaturthi around the corner, I wanted to make something special for Ganpati Bappa so thought of making this eco-friendly Ganesh Makhar in Lotus Shape. I have made this beautiful Ganpati Makhar (Also known as Aasan or Singhasan) with Cardboard and paper. This very easy to make with all the materials available easily. Now, let’s start making our Ganesh Makhar Aasan.

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