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Boombox Speaker DIY

Bluetooth Boombox Speaker Made at Home

Sound is delivered through an amplifier and two or more integrated loudspeakers. A Boombox is a device typically capable of receiving radio stations and playing recorded music or one can connect it with Bluetooth and use it as speaker to produce sounds. Today I have made one such Bluetooth Boombox speaker at home for myself as I am able to connect it with my laptop and enjoy amplified sound.

Homemade Tripod Stand

Homemade Tripod Stand for Mobile with Paper

Sharing a very simple way to make tripod stand for mobile at home. This tripod stand can hold a mobile and you can record your DIY videos easily with this, in case you don’t wish to buy those expensive tripod stand. This stand is made using paper and cardboard ONLY. The best part is our homemade tripod can easily move up-down, sideways and all the legs and top portion of tripod are adjustable too. So make your own Tripod with this simple paper craft idea.

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