Teaching theory with the help of practical applications can be highly effective for several reasons:

  1. Enhances Understanding: Practical applications provide a real-world context for students to understand theoretical concepts. They can see firsthand how the concepts apply to real-life situations, which can enhance their understanding and retention of the material.
  2. Develops Critical Thinking Skills: By working through practical examples, students are forced to apply critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities. This can help them to understand the subject matter more deeply and develop skills that are highly valued by employers.
  3. Encourages Active Learning: Practical applications encourage active learning by engaging students in hands-on activities. This can help them to develop a more positive attitude towards learning and increase their motivation to learn.
  4. Provides Context: Practical applications provide context for theoretical concepts, helping students to understand why the material is important and how it can be applied in real-life situations.
  5. Improves Retention: Research shows that students are more likely to remember information that they have learned through practical applications. This can help them to retain the material long-term and apply it in future situations.

Overall, teaching theory with the help of practical applications can be a powerful way to engage students, enhance their understanding of the material, and prepare them for real-world applications.

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