Set of 6 Pet Animals - Paper
Set of 6 Pet Animals - Paper
Set of 6 Pet Animals - Paper
Set of 6 Pet Animals - Paper
Set of 6 Pet Animals - Paper
Set of 6 Pet Animals - Paper
Set of 6 Pet Animals - Paper
Set of 6 Pet Animals - Paper


Did you know that indie dogs appear in ancient cave paintings across India? Or that cat remains have been found in Egyptian tombs that are thousands of years old? Humans and animals have been friends for a long time… and they have helped each other survive and thrive! Pets make their human parents happier and in many cases, fitter. They have amazing qualities; a budgerigar can learn upto a thousand words and have a conversation with you… and a guinea pig can dance like pop-corn when happy! Get to know more about pet animals and have fun making 6 miniature animal paper models of your own.

These kits are eco-friendly, no plastic (except for the tube of glue) and printed on FSC certified paper from responsible sources.

– 6 pre-printed, pre-cut, pre-creased DIY Kits, with press-out parts, and assembly instructions, to make 6 pet animals: Indie Dog, Cat, Goldfish, Budgerigar, Rabbit and Guinea Pig.
– Educational facts about the animals
– Fevicol glue
– 3 animal stickers

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DIY Mini Friends ‘Pet Animal series’ is a set of 6 Educational Collectible DIY Paper Toys, from Sky Goodies. This box set includes the Indie Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Goldfish, Budgerigar and Guinea Pig.

This is a great STEAM craft activity for all ages above 6, to learn about our beautiful planet and the fascinating creatures that we share this world with. The kit includes friendly facts about the animal and offers hours of creative imaginative play. It makes a thoughtful gift, and is 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable, using only FSC-certified paper from responsible sources.

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