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Ben 10 Biomnitrix

Ben 10 Biomnitrix with Paper

Ben 10 Biomnitrix is two Omnitricies that are linked together, thus allowing the user to perform alien fusions by slamming the two gauntlets together. These fusions are not stored in the Biomnitrix, rather, they are created when being transformed into. I have already made Ben 10 watch models like Ben 10 Omnitrics and Ben 10 Ultimatrix. Do watch these videos too. So after getting many requests, today I am sharing how to make Ben 10 Biomnitrix with paper at home. Lets see how to make it.

Samurai Katana Sword Easy

Samurai Katana Sword with PAPER

A katana is a Japanese Sword characterized by a curved, single-edged blade with a circular or squared guard and long grip to accommodate two hands. It was used by samurai in feudal Japan. Katana are traditionally made from a specialized Japanese steel but today I making a very simple and easy sword using PAPER. Paper sword is really very simple to make and you are sure to enjoy playing with it a lot. Do check it out.

Homemade Tripod Stand

Homemade Tripod Stand for Mobile with Paper

Sharing a very simple way to make tripod stand for mobile at home. This tripod stand can hold a mobile and you can record your DIY videos easily with this, in case you don’t wish to buy those expensive tripod stand. This stand is made using paper and cardboard ONLY. The best part is our homemade tripod can easily move up-down, sideways and all the legs and top portion of tripod are adjustable too. So make your own Tripod with this simple paper craft idea.

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