7 Best Return Gift Ideas for Kid’s Birthday Party – Unique & Affordable too

Return gifts are a common practice in many cultures, especially in the context of birthday parties, baby showers, and other celebratory events. These gifts have way deeper significance that we have come to understand. Gifting may seem like a simple phenomenon but deep inside it helps in showing appreciation, building relationships, creating a memorable experience and promoting generosity. Here are some ideas for remarkable birthday return gifts for 7-year-old kids to make the celebrations a memorable affair:

Unique Return Gift Ideas:

DIY Kits for Kids
Handmade Paper Making DIY Kit
  • Board games: Classic board games like Monopoly Junior, Sorry, or Clue are always a hit with kids and families. While these are the ever classic games, you can also make a smart choice by picking board & cards games like States of India, Incredible India and Travel Around the World which will let your child discover about their nation and the world as they play along to entertain themselves.
Incredible India
Incredible India
  • Paper Craft Kits: This new found gifting idea is great for developing fine motor skills and promoting creativity. Not only are these eco-friendly but also allow them to build something that they can put to genuine use or for decorating their room. They allow you to put together beautiful decorative hangings, lights, aeroplane, motorbike, camera and much more.
Red Paper Motorcycle Template
DIY Paper Bike
  • Science kits: The ever popular gifting category is the science kits which allow the children to use a practical playful experience to register important facts about science. Science kits that teach about topics like chemistry, physics, or biology can be educational and fun for kids. Check out vast collection of our science kits.
Science Kit for School
How to make Solar Car at home
  • Dolls or action figures: Dolls or action figures from popular movies or TV shows would make great gifts for 7-year-olds. Another interesting category can be dolls based on gods and deities, Shiva, Natkhat Kanha, Radha, Nandi, Lord Narsimha and Prahalad can be out of the box gift ideas as they help develop an appreciation for the rich Indian Culture. They are perfect for open ended play for your little ones and allows them to cuddle and snuggle with and engage them in a story telling session.
Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha Soft toys for Pretend Play
Holi / Janmashtami gift for Kids
  • Outdoor games: Outdoor games like frisbee, jump rope, or a beach ball can be a great way for kids to get active and have fun. Needless to list the number of benefits that outdoor physical activities have for the growing muscles of the little champs.
Vector illustration of happy children playing in playground, Creator: KanKhem | Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto
  • Books: A good book can be a wonderful gift, especially if it’s a part of a series that the child loves. There are always appreciated both by the kids and their parents.

We hope you liked our recommendation. For more gift options and ideas, click here. How are you planning to celebrate your Kid’s birthday this Year, share your creative ideas with us on Instagram or on our FACEBOOK GROUP.

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