Havi Elements – DIY Robotics Starter Kit for Beginners

Recently I have purchased Havi Elements DIY Robotics Starter Kit, the best robotics kit for beginners. I was looking for something to spend my vacations with. As I was searching for some robotic toys and kits, something creative on google I came across Havi.co – the robotic toy store. They sell some cool robotic toys, robotics kits and creativity toys.

I have purchased their Havi Elements – DIY Robotics Starter Kit and here is my experience.

Buying Journey

Their website www.havi.co is clean and easy to explore. The products are few but each of them are quite interesting and useful.

I could place the order easily and in short time on their site. After placing the order, just in less than three hours, I got the message that my order was shipped. That was surprising! Mostly because I placed the order in the daytime. My robotics starter kit got delivered after two days

Havi Elements DIY Robotics Starter Kit

What’s in the box

The box is nice and durable. It’s so good that I can even gift this to someone on their birthday. But Inside the box they have used cardboard strips for compartments. If they use some other strong material, storage would be easier.

Components inside the kit

I found the following in the box. Just copying from their site to make it easy for me. 🙂

1 – Power element

2 – Motor elements

1 – Buzzer element

1 – LED element

1 – IR element pair with 3-pin cable (Infrared sensor)

1 – Light element (Light and darkness sensor)

1 – Flip element

1 – Extend element pair with 3-pin cable

7 – LED cables

2 – Geared Motors with cables

1 – Gearless Motor with cable

2 – Wheels

1 – Roller

1 – Car Plate

1 – Rechargeable power bank

1 – USB Cable

1 – Water pump

1 – A set of craft material

1 – Double sided tape(DST)

1 – Set of project templates

I think they have forgotten to mention the most important item. The User manual. The best user manual I have found in any robotics kit.

Use Manual of Havi Robotics kit

Everything was so nicely placed and organized. They have used good quality zip lock bags which can be reused for a long time.

What I Made

This robotics starter kit by havi.co is an open ended toy like lego. You can keep creating endless projects. They have mentioned 93 projects on the box and provided that in the user manual as well. But I myself can make many more. This is a very good kit for any beginner who wants to start with robotics.

This is the good part. Not restricting to limited instructed projects. Ignites our creativity and imagination. Very good havi.co.

Line Follower Robot

First I made a Line follower robot then a car parking sensor. Then I made a robot that follows to eat the cheese. I am calling it my Cheese eater chuhaa. Haha

Then I made touch-less doorbell and fire alarm. Also automatic sanitiser machine. My journey will continue, so many things to do, I am sure my entire vacation is going to be great with this robotics starter kit.

Touchless door bell and Fire alarm robot

Not only vacation, I can use this forever for my school projects and science fairs too. Very useful.

Parking Sensor Robot

Strong Points:

  1. My shopping experience and delivery time
  2. Box design
  3. Best user manual out of any robotics kit in the market
  4. Open ended toy, endless creations. They provided 93+ creations in manual and also provide videos on YouTube and their website. A lot of blog posts about how to make it on their site.
  5. The elements are very easy to learn and use. They are colorful and attractive.
  6. Any one above age 8, kids or adult, any beginner can start learning robotics easily with this kit by havi.co 
  7. Instead of that 9v battery they offer a rechargeable power bank. Normally robotic kits remain idle after battery drains but this rechargeable power bank is a boon.
  8. They offer 7 LED wires. Lot of creative ideas can be fulfilled.
  9. The built quality is very nice, Durable.

Weak Points:

  1. Storage compartments inside the box
  2. Take care of the pins.
  3. The cost is higher than the competitors but when it comes to items in the box, the quality and the manual, they are way ahead of competitors. It’s worth paying this price.
  4. The paper template samples are ok, not playable for long term.
  5. Hey havi.co yes manual is great and videos are there but can you also create an app? Just a suggestion, not much negative impact though.


Overall I will strongly recommend Havi Elements – DIY Robotics starter kit to every one who wants to begin their journey of robotics and also to those who want to gift something new and useful to others. You can buy this from Havi.co’s website.

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  • DIY Home Improvement Posted April 16, 2023 5:41 am

    Love it
    Great review! The Havi Elements DIY Robotics Starter Kit sounds like an excellent choice for beginners. It’s good to hear that the website is easy to navigate and that the delivery process was quick. The open-ended toy aspect is a plus, as it allows for endless creativity and invention. Overall, it’s a highly recommended product.
    Eamon O’Keeffe
    Great DIY Ideas

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