Ben 10 Alien Force Omnitrix DIY

Ben Tennyson is a boy and the famous character of famous cartoon Ben 10, who acquires a watch-style alien device known as Omnitrix. Omnitrix contains DNA of different alien species and allows Ben to transform into 10 aliens initially and later new aliens were added. So, Today I will make a DIY Ben 10 Omnitrix with cardboard. You can also make this amazing Ben 10 Omnitrix for yourself or for your kid at home.

How to make Ben 10 Alien Force Omnitrix with Cardboard at home

Ben 10 Watch DIY Sparsh Hacks

Material Required:-

Follow these simple DIY Steps to make Ben 10 Omnitrix Watch:-

  1. Take a long cardboard piece, and make cuts on sides as shown above.
  2. Draw a circle at the center and straight lines on the long sides of the piece.
  3. Take two empty foil paper rolls such that one can pass through another easily.
  4. Cut rings of the same width from the rolls.
  5. Paste the smaller ring at the center of the cardboard piece.
  6. Make a small paper roll and paste it at the center of the ring.
  7. Cut a circle of cardboard and make a hole at the center.
  8. Draw sections at the circle as shown in the video.
  9. Paint the circle and draw the aliens in the section with the help of black sketch pen.
  10. Paste the larger ring on the backside of the circle.
  11. Cut a hollow ring of cardboard and paste it on the front side of the circle.
  12. Cut three strips of cardboard and paste it on the side of the larger ring one by one, and color them as shown in the video.
  13. Bend the large cardboard piece in the shape of a wrist band and color it.
  14. Attach the larger ring into the smaller ring and you will find that the ring is rotating.
  15. Cut a piece of cardboard of the shape of a design to paste on the top of the watch and paint it.
  16. Paste four small painted circles on the sides of the ring as a design.
  17. To wear the watch on your wrist attach Velcro on both the sides of the watch.
  18. Wear the watch and paste the rest cut-designs on the watch. (As shown in the video)

Hooray! Your Ben10 Omnitrix is ready. Wear it and change into your favourite alien and save the world from other evil aliens. Try making this DIY Ben 10 Alien Force Omnitrix Watch at home and share your pictures with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP

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