Electricity and Magnetism Physics Kit
Electricity and Magnetism Complete DIY KIT


This kit can be used by the young scientists to perform a number of experiments in the field of electricity and magnetism. Some of the experiments which can be performed Levitation of a pencil, A simple DC motor, Standing pencil, Jumping monkey, Fleming’s Left Hand Rule, Demonstration of magnetic field of different types of magnets with iron filings, Demonstration of magnetic pole of a bar magnet with compass, Galvanometer with compass, Magnetic screw driver, Homo polar motor, Floating magnets, Motor and generator set. All in all this is a kit which has the potential to become a collectors item for the students and teachers alike.

It is a STEM Kit for Kids of age 12-15 years and can be showcased as a school project  for demonstration or can be used by students to understand the concept practically.

Working Principle – Electricity and Magnetism

This Kit includes:

  • Base Board – 1
  • Motor Stand – 1
  • Ring Magnet Assembly – 1
  • Copper Coil – 1
  • Plastic Box – 3
  • Propeller – 1
  • Copper Rod -1
  • Compass big and small – 1 each
  • Plastic Stopper -1
  • Cell Holder -1
  • Connector – 1
  • Iron Fillings – 1
  • Rubber Spacer – 1 , Rubber pads – 6
  • Ring Magnets small -12
  • Neodymium magnet, Square magnet, Bar magnet, Ring magnet big, U magnet – 1 each
  • DC Motor – 2
  • Safety pin, Alligator clip, Paper clip, Pencil
  • Red & black wire – 2
  • Elecromagnet screw driver -1
  • Plastic sticks – 3
  • U-shaped Straw – 1
  • Step- by-step User Manual

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This Kit will help:

  • Students get a practical exposure to the various principles on which electricity and magnetism are based
  • The simple nature of kits enhances the curiosity of users.
  • Helps in developing creativity
  • Correlation between theory and practical becomes easier.
  • Working Model Project Kit / Working Experiments. Ideal for Children, School, Learning Project Activity. Perfect kit for science fair project and teaching aid to teach energy conversion.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 5 cm
Sold By

Sparsh Hacks


11+ Years, 9-11 years

Country of Origin



Class 6, Class 7, Class 8, Class 9


Fun Science, Physics

Material Used

Electronics, Foam, MDF Boards


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