Ghost Spider Web shooter that really shoots

Today I am sharing another web Shooter – Ghost Spider Web shooter. I recently watched the movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. And I saw Ghost Spider in the movie. Ghost Spider is actually Spider-Woman. So I though of making Ghost Spider Web shooter. This is also a very easy cardboard craft and fully functional web shooter. So do give it a try. Let’s see how to make this.

How to make Ghost Spider Web shooter that REALLY SHOOTS!

Ghost Spider Web Shooter DIY
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I have already made many spiderman web shooter like Spiderman PS4 Web shooter, Miles Morales Web Shooter, EASY SPIDERMAN WEB SHOOTER with paper in 5 MIN, 3 Easy Web shooters, and many more. Do watch these web shooter too and enjoy making one for you.

Materials Required:

Follow these simple DIY steps to make Spiderman PS4 Web Shooter:

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Ghost Spider web shooter

  1. Base:

    First, take a piece of cardboard which should be the size of your wrist. Stick a paper roll on it and fix it on the cardboard pcs with zip ties so that this roll becomes firm. Ghost Spider web shooter

  2. Shooting Mechanism:

    Next, make another long paper roll and fold it with a rubber band inserted in it as shown below. pass this paper roll through the first roll on cardboard pcs and pass the rubber band through the centre such that it is ready to shoot.

    Ghost Spider web shooter

  3. Trigger:

    Now, take an ice-cream stick to make trigger/ stopper. Insert this stick under the zip ties.

    Ghost Spider web shooter

  4. Strengthening Shooter:

    Next, in order to give strength to shooter, cut another pcs of cardboard and stick it beneath the main shooter. It will also give clean look to the shooter.

  5. Wearing mechanism:

    Cut another pcs of flexible card to make strap of the shooter and stick in at base of the original shooter as shown below. This will also give strength to this strap by sticking another pcs pf cardboard underneath. Add velcro on both the ends of the strap.

  6. Finishing touches and Painting:

    To give final look to the Ghost spider webshooter, make a cardboard cover and stick it on top. Now paint the web shooter in white and pick colour for the finished look. final touches

  7. Final web shooter:

    Yay! Finally your Ghost Spider web shooter is ready. Have fun playing with it! Don’t forget to make paper bullets as we had made in our other spiderman web shooter. How to make Ghost Spider web shooter

Web shooter DIY
Web shooter DIY

Hurray, your own Ghost Spider Web Shooter is ready. Try making this cardboard web shooter at home and share your pictures with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP.

Can I make normal spiderman web shooter?

Yes you can easily make spiderman web shooter with paper.

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