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spiderman PS4 web shooter

Spider-Man PS4 Web shooter that really shoots

Today we have made very easy to make Spider-Man PS4 web shooter using cardboard. PS4 Web shooter is the Rapid fire web shooters. The Web Shooter is the most basic gadget in Marvel’s Spider-Man, available to players at the start of the game. Its Spider-Man chief weapon, worn on his wrists beneath the gauntlets of his costume, and capable of projecting chemical webbing. This is fully functional web shooter. Let’s see how to make this.

Spider Man Paper Mask DIY

How to make Spider Man Mask with Cardboard

Spider-Man is a fictional superhero created by writer and editor Stan Lee. Spider-Man has spider-like powers, including superhuman strength and the power to cleave to most objects. He is also highly agile and has wonderful reflexes. Spider-Man also has a “spider-sense,” which warns him of potential danger. Spider-Man has introduced robotics to its powers. Today I will prepare a Spiderman face mask in very easy DIY steps, follow these steps and make one for you and play like a real spiderman.

Pocket Diary using Waste Paper

How to Make Spiderman Pocket Diary with Waste Paper

My favourite superhero is Spiderman and Today I made Spiderman Pocket Diary. I needed a pocket diary but the markets are closed because of Corona Virus lockdown, so I thought of making my own Spiderman Pocket Diary at home with waste paper. It came out really awesome, I am certainly going to make a few more in future! Try making your own pocket diary of your favourite superhero.

how to make spider man web shooter

SpiderMan Web Shooter DIY which shoots real fluid web?

Spider-man is the famous marvels superhero with its amazing spider-like abilities. It is very popular among kids and also among adults, everyone loves spiderman and its accessories. His main weapon cum superpower is its spider web shooter and so today I decided to make a DIY web shooter with real web fluid, which you can easily make at home and can play with your friends and family members. Make this amazing web shooter yourself or for your kids and enjoy playing with it.

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