How to make Spider-Man Web Shooter that really works

Spider-man Web Shooter is the main weapon and the main power of the spiderman, with which he can swing, fly and beat the enemies out. Also, the best shooter is the most basic gadget of Marvel Spider-man.

It is worn on the wrist above the spiderman suit and is capable of chemical webbing. Today, I decided to make a DIY Spiderman-web shooter that really works and shoots spider webs.

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Spider Man Web Shooter made with Cardboard (without Spring)

Spider Man Web Shooter without Spring – It really shoots!

Material Required:

  1. Rough Paper Sheets
  2. Small rubber bands
  3. Fevicol
  4. Cardboard
  5. White thread
  6. Cello-Tape
  7. Velcro
  8. White Tissue Papers
  9. Painting Brush
  10. Acrylic Colours

Follow these Steps to make your own Web Shooter:

  1. Take a rough paper sheet and roll it to make a small paper roll.
  2. Use the small paper roll and make one more roll, so that the smaller one can pass through the new roll easily.
  3. Then take the thinner roll and press and fold it from one side and take four small rubber bands and put it into that fold and paste it with the help of fevicol.
  4. Cut two small pieces of the paper roll and paste it on the side of the thicker roll as shown in the video.
  5. Consequently, pass the first roll that is with the rubber band from the thicker paper roll and put the rubber bands in the small rolls as shown in the video to make a working trigger operation or a working shooting mechanism.
  6. Now take a piece of cardboard and paste the shooting mechanism on it with the help of fevicol and take care of the rubber band and do not paste them on the cardboard.
  7. Take narrow strips of cardboard and them in the two-corners of the cardboard piece.
  8. Now take one more cardboard piece and cover it from the above and also paste small pieces of cardboard on all sides of the shooter to make it a little neat and clean.
  9. Take one more roll of paper that can pass through the shooting mechanism and paste a white thread around it with the help of cello-tape.
  10. Now to make a trigger, take a strip of cardboard and fold it from one end and paste that end on the shooter.
  11. Make a block of cardboard and paste it on the strip from where the web shooter bullet will release.
  12. Take a strip of paper and paste it behind the web shooter and it will act as a wrist-band.
  13. Paste a velcro in one end of the wrist band, so that it is easy to wear on the wrist and also paste the one end of the thread of the bullet behind the web shooter.
  14. Now we will decorate the web shooter, for that paste the tissue papers on the entire web shooter to cover all the part of it.
  15. To finish, paint in your favorite colors.

Your Spiderman web shooter is ready! Try making it today and share your pictures with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP.

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Spider man No way Home Mask Template

How to make Spider man Mask from No way home

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can this Web Shooter really shoot?

Yes it can shoot well.

Can we make this shooter with spring?

Yes you can also make it with spring.

How can I increase the shooting range?

You can easily increase the shooting range by using better rubber bands. You can even double the rubber bands use for more tensile strength and force to shoot far!

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