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How to make a Spider Man Web Shooter that really shoots

How to make Spider-Man Web Shooter that really works

Spider-man Web Shooter is the main weapon and the main power of the spiderman, with which he can swing, fly and beat the enemies out. Also, the best shooter is the most basic gadget of Marvel Spider-man. It is worn on the wrist above the spiderman suit and is capable of chemical webbing.
Today, I decided to make a DIY Spiderman-web shooter that really works and shoots spider webs.

How to make spider an web shooter

Spider Man web shooter DIY

Spider-man is Marvel’s superhero character, famous among kids and adults all around the globe. Spider-man is known for his spider-like abilities, superhuman strengths, his reflexes and also for his primary weapon cum ability, the web shooter. Therefore I decided to make one DIY spider-man web shooter with cardboard and empty matchbox.

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