Mini Cardboard Shooter that really shoots

I love to play with shooting toys and that is why I made the Bow and Arrow and Guns that really shoot. But all of these toys were really difficult to make and I wanted to make something really simple for all of you. This mini shooter is really simple and can be made in ten minutes and it even shoots real cardboard bullets.

How to make mini Shooter with Cardboard?

Mini Shooter to shoot cardboard bullets

Material Required:

  • Cardboard Pieces
  • Ice Cream Sticks
  • Fevicol
  • Rubber Bands
  • Cutter

Step by Step Instructions to make the Mini Shooter:

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Load Bullets, Take Aim and Shoot!

  1. Prepare cardboard pieces

    Cut all the pieces of cardboard as shown in the video. You will need one square piece for the base and then cut out the trigger from the other square piece of the same size. Cut a third square piece and make a square hole in the center to load bullets.

  2. Paste the Cardboard Pieces

    Remove the trigger cut out and paste the remaining cardboard pieces on the sides of the bottom square leaving enough space for the trigger to move freely in between the side cardboard pieces.
    Paste the third square on top making enough provision for the trigger to again slide through.

  3. Make the Trigger

    Using the cardboard trigger cutout as a reference, make a trigger with Ice Cream Sticks. We make the trigger with ice cream sticks so that it is firm and sturdy and is able to sustain the pressure of rubber band. The cardboard trigger will break after a few usages.

  4. Make the loading mechanism

    Take another cardboard piece and make the loading mechanism for the bullets on top of the square hole in the top cardboard piece.

  5. Attach the trigger

    Use rubber bands to attach the ice cream sticks trigger to the shooter. You are now ready to shoot.
    Make small cardboard bullets and SHOOT!

Try making this at home and share your pictures with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP!

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