Spider Man web shooter DIY

Spider-man is Marvel’s superhero character, famous among kids and adults all around the globe. Spider-man is known for his spider-like abilities, superhuman strengths, his reflexes and also for his primary weapon cum ability, the web shooter. Therefore I decided to make one DIY spider-man web shooter with cardboard and empty matchbox. Make this working web shooter for yourself and your kids at home and enjoy playing with it.

How to make Spider Man web shooter with cardboard and spring

Spider Man Far from Home Web Shooter DIY Easy Cardboard Craft

Material Required:

Make your Web Shooter following these step by step DIY process:

  1. Make two rolls of paper so that one can pass through the other easily.
  2. Take a piece of cardboard and a spring of a pen, and paste the spring on cardboard using a glue-gun (as shown in Video).
  3. Now, pass the thicker roll of paper and paste it on the piece of cardboard using glue-gun.
  4. Take an empty matchbox and mark a cut on one edge.
  5. Paste the piece of cardboard inside the matchbox.
  6. Cut two pieces of flexible cardboard, one large and other small in the shape of a wrist band, as shown in the video.
  7. Paste the matchbox on the large piece of cardboard and cover it using a smaller portion of cardboard.
  8. Take a strip of cardboard, fold it from one end and paste it below the web-shooter.
  9. Make a brick joining small pieces of cardboard and paste it in the front of the web-shooter. This will work as a trigger for our web-shooter.
  10. To wear the web-shooter on the wrist, Paste a piece of Velcro on the sides of the web-shooter.
  11. Take a white thread and paste one end of it below the web-shooter and the other end on the thinner paper roll.
  12.  Now paint the web-shooter with the black painting color and make some designs above it using colorful paper pieces.
  13. Wear the web-shooter on the wrist, insert the thinner roll inside the thicker one and pull the trigger. Hooray, Spider-man web-shooter is ready for action.

Try making this web shooter at home and share your pictures with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP.

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