SpiderMan Web Shooter DIY which shoots real fluid web?

Spider-man is the famous marvels superhero with its amazing spider-like abilities. It is very popular among kids and also among adults, everyone loves spider man and its accessories. His main weapon cum superpower is its spiderman web shooter and so I decided to make a DIY web shooter with real web fluid, which you can easily make at home and can play with your friends and family members. Make this amazing web shooter yourself and enjoy playing with it.

Spider Man Web Shooter Made with Snow Spray

Spider Man Web Shooter

Material Required:

Make your Web-Shooter following these step by step DIY process:

  1. Take a new bottle of snow spray and remove the cap and nozzle of the snow spray.
  2. Now take a long strip of soft cardboard (same size of snow spray) and roll it on the snow spray and paste with the help of Fevicol.
  3. Take the size of the bottom of the snow spray on the cardboard and cut it with the help of scissors.
  4. Paste the circular piece of cardboard on the bottom, so that we can replace the snow spray once it is finished.
  5. Now to make the shooting mechanism of the web shooter, take a nut of the size of the nozzle, so that it can press it.
  6. Take a plastic straw and paste it on the nut and also take two pieces of plastic and paste it on the nut to make a trigger. (as shown in the video)
  7. Take a Cardboard piece to make a wristband on which we can paste our web shooter.
  8. Paste the web shooter on the cardboard piece with the help of fevicol.
  9. Take a sheet of white paper and paste it around the web shooter, so that we can paint it easily.
  10. Paint the web shooter red and make black spider webs on it to look like a real web shooter.
  11. Wear the web-shooter on the wrist and pull the trigger and the real web fluid comes out from your spiderman web shooter.

Hooray! Spider-man web-shooter is ready for action. Try making this Spider-man web-shooter at home and share your pictures with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP.

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