Mini Spider-Man Iron Spider Legs for Spider-Man Action Figure

The Iron Spider Armor is an armor created by Tony Stark (Iron Man) for Spider-Man … its weaponry, including new electroshock blasters in the mechanical spider-legs. I tried making these Mini Iron Spider Legs at home with Matchbox and paper for my Spiderman action figure. These are really fun to play with just like the Spider Man Web Shooter and Spider Man Action Figure I made few weeks ago. Hope you like it…

How to make Mini Spider-Man Iron Spider Legs with Matchbox and Paper

How to make Mini Spider Man Iron Spider Legs for Spider Man Action Figure

Material Required:

Step by Step DIY Process:

  1. Make 2 thin paper rolls
  2. Open the empty matchbox and make 2 cuts each on both sides of the inside case of the matchbox
  3. Paste both the paper rolls in the form of a big “X” inside the matchbox, both rolls passing diagonally through the cuts made on the match case in the earlier step
  4. Bend the paper rolls in the shape of the Iron Spider Legs
  5. Cut the outer shell of the match box and wrap around the matchbox case with the paper rolls pasted inside it.
  6. Use the masking tape to firm up the Iron spider legs especially on the bends and the tips
  7. Paint the legs and the matchbox with Acrylic Colors
  8. Use the double sided tape to stick the Iron Spider Legs to your Spider Man Action Figure. You can make your own Spiderman Action Figure with Cardboard – Check here!

Time to Play – Have fun! Try making these Mini Iron Spider Legs at home and share your pictures with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP.

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