I have already made three Spiderman Web shooter using different techniques. Today I am sharing another easy Spiderman web shooter which is made with paper and it actually shoots!! Make this working web shooter for yourself at home and enjoy playing with it.

How to Make Spiderman Web Shooter with Paper

Material Required:

  • Waste A4 Size Paper Sheets
  • Coloured paper
  • Fevicol
  • Velcro

Follow simple step by step instructions to make Paper Web Shooter:

  1. Paper Rolls making

    Using a needle, roll out thin and tight paper roll. Make 2 such rolls. Take a colored sheet and keep the first roll to roll out coloured roll. This is done such that plain paper roll can easily pass through colored paper roll. Web shooter

  2. Joining paper rolls

    Cut the coloured paper roll in 2 parts. Paste the plain roll in between the coloured paper rolls. Paper web shooter

  3. Shooting Mechanism

    Fold the plain paper roll and apply tape at the fold part to make it firm. Insert the plain paper roll ends in the colored roll. Don’t forget to pass two strong rubber band through the plain roll. Take these rubber bands and put it over the front portion of plain roll. Follow video for exact placement of rubber band. How to make Spiderman wen shooter

  4. Tying the web shooter

    To wear the web shooter around the wrist, fold two paper sheets and form a band. Apply velcro for ease of wearing. Spiderman web shooter

  5. Spiderman web shooter is ready

    To release the paper bullet, tie a string with bullet. and your Spiderman web shooter is ready to shoot. Just load paper bullets in front and release.
    Easiest Spiderman web shooter

Sparsh Mahajan

I love to create new stuff - art, craft, stories, etc. and I love to LEARN!!!

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