Apple AirPods Pro using Paper and Cardboard

After making my own iPhone 12, Apple watch series 6 and even Macbook Pro Laptop, now I have made my own Apple AirPods with AirPods Case using cardboard and paper. I am sure you will really enjoy making this easy craft too. Do try making it. Let’s see how to make it.

How to make Apple AirPods using Paper and Cardboard

Apple AirPods Pro
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Materials Required:

Follow these simple DIY steps to make Apple AirPods Pro:

Time needed: 20 minutes.

Apple AirPods Pro

  1. Airpods:

    First, take a paper strip and make a roll out of it. Cut it diagonally from one side. Then, take another long paper strip and roll it out. Press it to make it oval. Paste both the rolls together.airpods

  2. Earbud:

    Next, take another thin long strip and roll it out. Paste it at front of the airpod. Make another piece in similar way. earbud

  3. Case:

    After that, take a rectangular cardboard piece and curved piece. Paste the curved piece in center of the other piece. Then, fold the big piece around it. Cut another piece as shown and make two holes in it. Paste it in the piece made

  4. Detailing:

    Now, to give curved shape to the case, crush newspaper and paste on it. After that, paste tissue paper with help of fevicol solution on it. Make cap of the cover in similar way. case

  5. Working of case::

    So, for the opening and closing of the case, paste a strip of paper between the two pieces. Secure it with tape. Add tissue paper on tape.working of case

  6. Painting:

    At last, paint the airpods and the case.painting

  7. Apple AiPods Pro:

    Yay! Finally your own Apple Airpods pro are airpods pro

Hurray, your own Apple AirPods Pro are ready. Try making this easy airpods with cardboard and paper at home and share your pictures with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP.

Which other apple products can I make?

You can make iPhone, iPad, iWatch and Macbook.

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