Paper Gun that shoots Paper Bullets

We were getting so many requests to make a paper gun that shoots paper bullets, so here it is guys! I made paper gun along with paper bullets in the easiest way possible. This Paper gun looks super cool and also shoots nicely! Now, without a further due let’s see how to make this easy paper craft.

How to make Paper Gun that shoots Paper Bullets

Paper Gun
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Materials Required:

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Paper Gun

  1. Center part:

    First, take four paper rolls. Paste them together in a little diagonal form as shown. centre part

  2. Base:

    Next, take two long coloured paper rolls. Paste them together. Repeat same step to make another piece.base

  3. Structure:

    Now, take all the three pieces made till now. Paste the first piece made in middle and coloured paper rolls horizontally and diagonally on both sides. Paste them together as shown.structure

  4. Element:

    Then, take two small paper rolls and paste as shown on both sides.element

  5. Working items:

    After that, take a needle and add thread into it (take help of elder person) and two rubber bands. Join the rubber bands together. working items

  6. Working mechanism:

    Now, take the needle and insert it in the roll made in step 4. Pull it out from other side. Attach one rubber band with needles. Then, pull out from same roll from other side. Take another roll and put it in rubber band. Repeat the process on other side also.working mechanism

  7. Handle:

    Next, make three coloured paper rolls and paste on the handle of the gun. Repeat the process for other side also.handle

  8. Trigger:

    After this, make a trigger with ice cream stick. Place it between the two horizontal rolls and insert toothpick. Cut the extra toothpick.trigger

  9. Stopper:

    Next, take a small paper roll. Paste it as shown. Attach the rubber bands with trigger from both sides.stopper

  10. Design:

    Now, make two paper rolls and add coloured strips on it. Paste both on top, one in the starting and other at the end.design

  11. Bullets:

    Then, take blue paper and roll it out with help of pencil. Next, take small strip of orange sheet. Paste it on roll. Make more bullets in same way. Now,check working of the gun.bullet

  12. Details:

    At last, give some details to the gun.details

  13. Paper gun and paper bullets:

    Yay! Finally your paper gun along with bullets is ready.paper gun

Hurray, your own Per gun that shoots is ready. Try making this DIY paper gun and paper bullets at home and share your pictures with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP.

Can I make any other craft also which actually works?

Yes, you can make Paper Crossbow and Spider man Web Shooter.

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