Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Box

Start building an engaging world of hot wheels tracks to race your hot wheels cars or add on to an existing track set with new components to foster creativity and experimentation of the kids with these amazing hot wheels tracks and launchers.

Hot Wheels Track Builder Unboxing & Review

Builder set unboxing, review and gameplay

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I love playing with my Hot Wheels cars. And I love building tracks for my hot wheels cars even more. Recently got this Track Builder set as a gift and I simply loved playing with it!

This marvelous Track Builder set has more than 35 pieces including the bricks. You can build four stunts in this. They are:-

  1. Speed Curve
  2. Blast Box
  3. Crazy 180
  4. Launch N’ Turn

Open the box and while opening the box you will find that you can connect the loops through the lid also. The box includes a user manual, an amazing launcher, bricks, one orange car, straight orange tracks, black curved tracks and some connecting pieces. When the box will be empty, you can turn the box upside-down and will find one more connecting area.

You can make 4 tracks using this set and today, I will show you (shown in the video above) building Crazy 180. Connect the launchpad to the orange straight track using connecting pieces. After connecting two straight tracks use the lid of the box to connect the loops, and connect one more straight track. After that connect the black curved track followed by a straight track and another curved track to make a total 180-degree turn as shown in the video.

At the end connect the last two straight tracks and place the box to catch the car (follow the above video). Connect some bricks and loops to the lid to make them look crazy and full of action. The track is ready for action, launch the car using the launcher and have fun.

Enjoy and make more sets like this. If you want to buy this amazing track builder set, this is the link https://amzn.to/2DK7eG7

Which Hot Wheels track is the best?

I love playing with this Hot Wheels Track builder set along with the Dragon Blast set. For me these are the best!

Can you connect Hot Wheels tracks together?

Yes all the Hot Wheels Tracks have a lot of different components which can be interchangeably interconnected to make larger and more interesting track sets.

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