Make your own Face Mask

I made this really cool Avengers Face mask DIY with Paper and fabric. This is a really simple trick to make a mask in few minutes, it protects you from Corona Virus and also looks trendy and cool. Do try making it at home.

How to make a Paper Face Mask at Home

Make a Paper Mask to protect yourself from Corona

Material Required:

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Step by Step Process to make a Face Mask with Paper:

  1. Create the basic mask template

    Cut the A4 size paper as per desired shape. Use the acrylic colors to make your favorite pattern. You can even add a few stickers – I added the Avengers Sticker for a better look. Cover the entire cutout with cello tape for strength.paper mask made at home

  2. Make the slits for breathing

    These slits/cuts are important as these will facilitate breathingHow to make a paper mask

  3. Paste tissue paper pieces at the back of the slits for breathing

    The tissue paper works as a filter. You can also use any other material which is similar in characteristics like cloth, etc.

  4. Make the finishing touches to complete the mask

    Make small cuts on the top and bottom of the mask cut out. Fold and paste the small cuts inside to create a curved shape for nose and chin. Staple the elastic to both sides of the mask as per your size

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I make a mask from paper towel?

Paper Towel or Tissue Paper is NOT the best material to make a mask. It is not as effective as a N95 or Surgical mask, but it is something you can easily and quickly make when you don’t have anything else. And it looks really good!

How do you make homemade paper?

You don’t really need to shred or mash the paper. This is a simple technique explained in this article to make the Paper Mask.

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