How to make Youtube Silver Play Button with Cardboard

Silver play button is a reward given by YouTube for crossing 1 lakh (100k) subscribers on Youtube. I really wanted a Silver Play button for myself when my mother got her silver play button in June 2019 for her channel Healthy Kadai . Sparsh Hacks youtube channel was only 30k subscribers at that time – so I decided to make my own Youtube Silver Play Button. Check it out…

How to make Youtube Silver Play Button with Cardboard

Material Required:

DIY Step by Step Process to make your own Youtube Silver Play Button:

  1. Take first price of cardboard and a mirror , place the mirror on the cardboard. Take the exact measurement of the mirror on the board and cut the cardboard with the cutter (cut in such a way that you can see the back layer of the cardboard)
  2. Now paste the mirror on the cutting with Fevicol.
  3. Take the second piece of the cardboard and draw YouTube logo on it with a pencil. Now cut the shape thoroughly .
  4. Take silver paper and cover the second cardboard with it (don’t paste it ) .make sure u take the paper greater then the size of board.
  5. Draw a small logo on the inside of the YouTube logo and cut small logo. Now cut the remaining paper inside the YouTube logo (bigger one) in rectangular piece as shown . Now paste those backwards with adhesive.
  6. Now paste the second piece on the first piece of cardboard in such a way that that the you can see the mirror on the back side of YouTube logo.
  7. Wrap the remaining silver play button on the back side of the first cardboard.
  8. Now you can write your name and credentials with the pencil and darken it with a black sketch pen and draw the YouTube logo with red and white colors.
  9. Cut a small triangle shaped officer of cardboard and paste it on the mirror . You can cover the triangle with silver sheet or color it  silver.

Try making this Youtube Silver Play Button at home and share your pictures with us on our Facebook Group.

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