How to make Avengers Falcon Goggles with Cardboard

I made the Avengers Falcon Wings that fold into the Exo Jetpack with cardboard last week and many of you requested me to make the Falcon Goggles to complete the Falcon look. I thought it was a really good idea to make these Super Hero Goggles with Cardboard. They look really cool…

Make your own Super Hero Goggles at home

Material Required:

  • Cardboard
  • Transparency
  • Scissors
  • Cutters
  • Fevicol
  • Acrylic Colors
  • Elastic
  • Velcro
  • Stapler

Step by Step Process to make your own Super Hero Falcon Goggles:

  1. Cut a piece of paper in the shape of the falcon goggles as per your size
  2. Using the paper, trace out the shape of the goggles on cardboard
  3. Cut out 2 Cardboard pieces in the shape of the Goggles
  4. Cut out 2 pieces of Transparency in the shape to make the lenses of the goggles
  5. Paste the transparency pieces in the place of the lenses on one of the cardboard pieces
  6. Paint the transparency pieces red with acrylic colors
  7. Paste the other cardboard piece on top of the first piece to conceal the transparency in between
  8. Color the goggles black and make the designs and give finishing touches using cardboard pieces or aluminium foil – as shown in the video
  9. Take 2 small pieces of elastic and attach Velcro to each of the two pieces with a stapler
  10. Attach the elastic to the edge of the goggles with a stapler

Hooray! Your own Cardboard Super Hero – Avengers Falcon Goggles is ready. And it looks perfect along with the Foldable Falcon wings… These are really cool and you can actually wear them as sunglasses too! Try making these at home and share your pictures with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP.


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