When the imagination of a creative young mind runs wild, it spins the beautiful web of such cute words. This is a poem written by 8 year old Ruhan Madaan from Delhi.

Ruhan Madaan

It was time to relish a meal, Drank water in a glass of steel.

Fresh green leaves were fun to chomp, Mouth watery food made me stomp.

As my mouth’s saliva dribbled, In fun, I also scribbled.

A wicked meat-eating dinosaur came, Looking at my food, he threw flame.

He came to fight with me, I rushed to the other side near the sea.

Water was cold, so I shivered, He jumped into the sea and I quivered.

To my surprise, he could not swim, He drowned in the water and had a big grim.

Finally, I could munch, munch, munch, Took my last bite and crunch, crunch, crunch.

Sparsh Mahajan

I love to create new stuff - art, craft, stories, etc. and I love to LEARN!!!

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