How to make a Monster Truck with Cardboard?

I love to play with Hot Wheels cars. Recently I got a new hot wheels monster truck as a gift but then I wanted another one! So I thought – why not make my own monster truck with cardboard? And the best part is that I can make it in my own favorite colors and design!

Hot Wheels Monster Truck Toy DIY

Material Required:

Step by step instructions to make Monster Truck with Cardboard:

Time needed: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Easy Cardboard Craft Ideas

  1. Cut cardboard pieces

    You need to cut 8 pieces of cardboard in the shape of the Monster Truck with the lower extensions for attaching the wheels (as shown in the video).
    Now make 2 small slots diagonally on both the lower extensions – these slots will facilitate the movement of the tyres in order to tackle obstacles and move smoothly.
    You also need to cut 6 more pieces of cardboard in the simple shape of the truck’s body only (without any lower extensions). Make sure to cut the wheel arches in these 6 pieces to facilitate easier movement to the wheels.

  2. Paste all the cardboard pieces for the body

    First paste all the 8 pieces with lower extension to form a solid base. Then attach 3 pieces of the simple body without extensions on each side of the base to make a clear structure of the monster truck.
    You can smooth out the entire body of the truck with the help of a filer or sand paper.

  3. Make the tyres

    Cut the thermocol in the shape of tyres. Paste equal cardboard pieces on both sides. Then coat the tyres with a layer of Hot Glue to make the treads of the tyre. This will make the tyres look more sturdy and rugged and will also make the tyres heavier which will facilitate the movement of the truck.

  4. Paste tissue paper on the entire truck

    Now paste 2-3 layers of tissue paper on the entire body of the truck with the help of Fevicol and Water mixture to make the body stronger and smoother to paint. Let it dry after application.

  5. It’s paint time!

    Paint the entire body of the monster truck along with the tyres separately. Make all necessary details as per your liking.

  6. Complete the Truck!

    Attach a toothpick to the center of the tyre, pass the toothpick through the slot made at the bottom extensions and attach the other wheel on the other side. Similarly, attach the other set of wheels.
    Now the Monster Truck is ready to Play!

Try making this Monster Truck with Cardboard today and share your pictures with on our FACEBOOK GROUP.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can we play with this Monster Truck?

Yes, absolutely. This truck is perfect to play with – like any other hot wheels car or monster truck.

Can I make the tyres with cardboard?

Yes, you can make the tyres with cardboard only without using thermocol. We used thermocol because it gives a lot of mass in one go. Else we would have to use atleast 7-8 cardboard pieces in each tye to make the same mass.

Can I make the tyres without using Hot Glue gun?

Hot glue gives the perfect texture to the tyres. But you can also use cardboard or paper strips instead of the hot glue. The truck will still work in the same manner.

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