How to make Ben 10 Ultimatrix Watch with Cardboard?

The Ultimate Omnimatrix, referred to as the Ultimatrix, was the unit around which Ben 10: Ultimate Alien revolved. Ben used it to repair the Omnitrix, which he had lost in the war with Vilgax. The Ultimatrix was removed from the Ultimate Enemy by Azmuth and replaced by the current Omnitrix. I made the Ben 10 Omnitrix a couple of weeks ago, and now it’s time to make the Ben 10 Ultimatrix with Cardboard and paper! Try this easy piece of DIY craft!

DIY Ben 10 Ultimatrix Watch with Alien Interface

I made my own Ben 10 Ultimatrix watch with Cardboard

Material Required:

Follow these easy DIY Steps:-

  1. Take a cardboard piece of the shape of the Ultimatrix watch of Ben 10 and take two paper pieces and paste on the cardboard as shown in the video.
  2. Cut two pieces of cardboard of shape shown in the video and paste it on the main piece of cardboard.
  3. Paint in the empty portion of the cardboard and paste a transparent sheet above that and now, paste one more such piece of cardboard as shown above.
  4. Make a small cardboard roll so that it can pass through the round hole on the main cardboard.
  5. Cover the cardboard roll with white paper and cut a round piece of cardboard and paste your roll on that.
  6. Card two strips of cardboard and wrap on the top of the roll, so that it is locked from both the side.
  7. Cut a circle of cardboard and paste it above the roll.
  8. Make a piece of paper craft as shown in the video and fix it on the top of the watch.
  9. Paste tissue paste above it and paint it green and black as shown above.
  10. To wear the Ultimatrix on your wrist paste Velcro on the sides of the watch and enjoy playing with it.

Hurray! Your own Ultimatrix is ready for action! Try making this Ben 10 Ultimatrix at home and share your pictures with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP.

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