Make Winter Soldier Bucky’s Metal Arm Without Metal

Bucky Barnes was taken back from his presumed death to be a brainwashed killer named Winter Soldier. Reformed by his parents, he is now fighting for the Avengers. The Winter Soldier’s Prosthetic Arm is a cybernetic implant applied to Bucky Barnes’ body to be used instead of his damaged left arm. Bucky’s metal arm has always been so cool, and I’ve always wanted to make it. I figured it was going to be hard to make, but when I started doing it, it was a lot easier. Finally, I made it with the paper!!! Try this easy piece of papercraft!

DIY Bucky’s Metal arm

Winter Soldier Bucky’s Metal Arm with paper

Material Required:

  • A black glove
  • Paper
  • Tape
  • Tissue paper
  • Glue
  • Paint
  • Velcro.
  • Stapler
  • Marker

Follow these easy DIY steps to make Bucky’s Metal Arm with paper:

  1. Take a black glove and wear it, it’s ok if you don’t have a black glove you can make it without a glove too.
  2. With someone else’s help wrap a paper on your arm and start taping on it.
  3. Similarly, cover your whole arm with paper and tape it.
  4. Carefully cut wrapped pieces. You will end up with two pieces ( upper arm and lower arm).
  5. Paste tissue paper above them with glue so that they become strong.
  6. After some time they will get dry and become stiff.
  7. Now paint them grey colour and metallic paint.
  8. Staple well crow on the corners as shown so that you can wear it and it will not fall.
  9. Paste a star on the upper arm and for better finishing draw lines with a black marker as shown in the figure. Now it’s ready to play.!

Hurray! Your own Winter Soldier Iron Arm is ready for action! Try making this Winter soldier Iron Arm at home and share your pictures with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we make this arm with cardboard?

Cardboard will not take shape of the arm so it be difficult to use it else one would have to use small pieces of cardboard to give a shape will be a very time consuming process. So we would suggest to use paper as we did in the video. It would be much simpler process.

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