Captain America Helmet Mask DIY

Recipient of the Super-Soldier serum, World War II hero Steve Rogers fights for American ideals as one of the world’s mightiest heroes and the leader of the Avengers. Captain America is my favorite Marvel Avenger. I have already made his shields in my previous videos. It is now time to make the Captain America Helmet Mask to complete my costume.

How to make Captain America Helmet Mask with Cardboard

DIY Captain America Helmet Mask

Material Required:

Step by Step DIY Process to make Captain America Helmet Mask with Cardboard:

  1. Take a light weight cardboard which is flexible and easy to bend in different directions. Now fold the cardboard into half and draw the mask on it and cut into a particular shape.
  2. To give a helmet shape, make small cuts on the bottom of the mask. Next step is to join the cuts with tape by overlapping the cardboard.
  3. Similarly, take a bigger piece of cardboard to cover the back side of the helmet and join it with tape with the corners of the ready mask. Repeat the above step, put small cuts on the back side of cardboard, now join them by overlapping with tape.
  4. To cover the gap of the helmet from top, take another cardboard and cut into a round shape and paste it on top with tape.
  5. Your structure is ready. Now to give it more strength, take rough cut new paper pieces and paste it with glue on the structure.
  6. Now paint the helmet with Blue colour once it is dry. Decorate the mask by pasting the alphabet “A” on the head of the helmet and another symbol on the side of the helmet, paste long black stripes all over on the helmet with a gap of a few inches.
  7. Last step is to attach the chin buckle, take a small piece of black elastic and attach it with the corners of the helmet.

Hurray, your own Captain America Winter Soldier Helmet Mask is ready. Try making this Gauntlet at home and share your pictures with us on your  FACEBOOK GROUP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we make other masks using same technique?

Yes you can use same cardboard cutting and folding technique to create helmet mask of your own.

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