Black Panther Claws Made with Cardboard

I love Marvel Avengers and Black Panther is one of the coolest Avengers with his Wakandan Technology and Cool suit. I have already made the Black Panther mask, so this time I want to make the Black Panther Claws toy with Cardboard at home.

Black Panther Claws DIY Toy for Kids

Black Panther Claws made with Cardboard

Material Required:

Step by Step Instructions:

Time needed: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Black Panther Cardboard Claws

  1. Prepare the Hand

    Cut out 2 cardboard pieces in the shape of the palm. Make slots for the fingers to be attached. Bend both the cardboards a little to given them a rounded shape like the palm. Paste both the pieces together with the help of Fevicol.DIY Black Panther Claws

  2. Prepare the Fingers

    Cut out 4 thin cardboard pieces in the shape of the fingers.Toy Black Panther Claws DIY

  3. Prepare the Nails

    Take a piece of Aluminum Foil and roll into thin Nail Shaped pieces. Make all the 4 nails in the similar manner.How to make Black Panther Claws at home

  4. Attach all the parts

    Attach the fingers and nails to the palm with the help of Hot Glue Gun. Also attach a handle on the bottom of the palm to hold the Black Panther Claws and play with it.How to make Black Panther Claws easy

  5. Prepare to Paint

    Now that the structure of the Claws is ready, apply tissue paper on it with the help of Fevicol and Water Mixture. Let it dry properly.Make Black Panther Claws with Cardboard

  6. Paint and Finish

    Paint the Claws with Black and White Color. Give finishing touches as per your liking.I made my own Black Panther Claws Toy

Try making this at home and share your pictures with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I make these with Paper?

No you will need to use cardboard to make these Claws. Paper will not give the proper strength required.

Can I play with this?

Yes absolutely. These are made for playing only.

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