Deadpool Swords with Newspaper

Deadpool uses katanas (swords) in Marvel comics and in his movies for combat. Watching him fight with the swords is fascinating and therefore I wanted to make these Deadpool Swords with newspaper at home. I play with these swords a lot. Friends, I am sure you will it fascinating too so check out how to make it.

How to make Deadpool Swords with Newspaper DIY

DIY Deadpool Swords with newspaper

Material Required:

Follow these easy DIY steps to make Deadpool Swords with newspaper

  • Start with an old newspaper and make 3 slim big rolls, take another paper and fold it well, it should be 2-3 inches broad, now cut the broad strip in slant shape from the top and close the mouth with tape.
  • Now, put all the strips into the broader roll to give a strength to the base.
  • Take another newspaper and fold it again, it should be 5-6 inches broad. Now wrap this broader strip on the bottom of the sword.
  • Next, take another page of newspaper, fold it as hand size and put a cut in the center, slide the sword and paste it well with tape.
  • Now paint your sword with black color and decorate the sword with golden lace. You can use any decorative tape as well.
  • Take another page of newspaper and wrap it on the sword to make for its cover. Paste the paper well however ensure you are not pasting the sword. Cut the cover from top in sword’s shape and your cover is ready.
  • Now, take a small piece of cardboard and paint it with black color. By now, we have a sword cover, sword and it’s time to create a sword holder, paste the sword cover on the cardboard diagonally, while pasting the cover do not take out the sword, keep the sword as is in the cover or case.
  • Now make three solid news paper strips, tape it well to give it a strength. Now paste the stripes on the holder, one to be pasted horizontally and other two to be pasted on the shoulder, paste one double tape on the side of the horizontal strip. Your sword holder is also ready.

Hurray, your own Deadpool Sword is ready. Try making this sword at home and share your pictures with us on your  FACEBOOK GROUP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we make this sword with Cardboard?

Yes you can make the sword with cardboard and just to give extra strength wrap it with multiple layers of newspaper or any other paper if possible.

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