Shield Helicarrier Drone with Camera DIY

Remember the scene from Avengers 2012, when Captain America And Hulk arrive on a new aircraft that they have never seen which ends up being The Helicarrier. Helicarriers are advanced flying command centers that double as aircraft carriers. I have tried to recreate my version of Shield Helicarrier in form of drone. Check out this cool DIY Avenger craft – Shield Helicarrier Drone.

How to make Shield Helicarrier Drone at Home

Material Required:

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Follow these simple DIY steps to make SHIELD Helicarrier Drone:

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Drone making steps:

  1. Setting up Base

    Take 2 ice-cream sticks and carefully paste it crosswise direction. Make dividing lines on sticks for perfect angle.
    Base of Shield Helicarrir Drone

  2. Attaching brain of drone

    Take controller board and battery and attach it in the centre of sticks with help of a rubber-band. Also attach camera module on top of it.
    Shield helicarrier drone diy

  3. Flying Mechanism

    Paste 4 small thermacol pieces on all corners and attach motor with propellers on it. Ensure that the total weight of drone cannot exceed 70 gms.
    Shield Heliccarier Drone DIY from Avenger

  4. Complete the Shield Helicarrier

    Attach the top cover designed to look like the Shield Helicarrier and make sure that the propellers don’t touch any part of the top cover. You Helicarrier is ready to take off.How to make a drone with camera

Hurry! Try it out and share the pictures with us on our Facebook group.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which app to use to connect the drone to the mobile phone?

You can use the PLUTO CONTROLLER app – but pls remember that it only works with the Pluto Controller board. If you are using any other controller board, it will not work.

Can I buy all the drone components separately without the kit?

Yes you can buy all components individually on Amazon or on Drona Aviation Website.

What is the maximum weight the drone motors can carry?

70 Gm including the weight of the motors as well.

How long can the drone fly with one charge?

Approximately 20-25 minutes.

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