How to make Beyblade with Cardboard and its Launcher too

Its so much fun to play with Beyblade. Its available in so many different colors and designs so its no possible to buy all. This give me an idea to make my own Beyblade at home. So make your own Beyblade along with its launcher. Just need cardboard and few simple things to make this super simple toy which is fun to play with. Try it now!!

Beyblade with Cardboard
How to make Beyblade with Launcher at home

How to make Beyblade with Cardboard at Home

Material Required:

Step by Step Instructions to make Beyblade with Cardboard:

Beyblade with cardboard

  1. Beyblade Design

    Print different Beyblade designs as you desire. Paste this paper on a sheet of cardboard and cut it accurately as per the design.
    Beyblade DIY

  2. Spinning mechanism

    Make a hole in the centre of cardboard using a compass or pin. Take a bottle cap and make a hole in its centre too. Pass a nail through the cardboard and then cap. Paste the bottle cap using hot glue.
    Beyblade at home

  3. Weighting the centre

    Cut thin strips of paper. The paper strip should be wide as bottle cap. Paste these strips around the bottle cap. Paste many layers to make the centre heavy so as to balance Beyblade. Also paste few rounds on the nail top too.
    Homemade Beyblade

  4. Launcher Making

    To make Beyblade launcher , take two ice cream sticks and make a cut in the center of the edge. Cut 4 long pieces of cardboard and paste in between 2 sticks. Roll a paper sheet on the cardboard portion to give finishing to this part.
    Beyblade Launcher

  5. Painting and Cord Winder

    Its painting time. Paint the launcher and Beyblade from back. Beyblade is ready to play with its launcher. Once painted, take a string and attach a ring around it for pulling. Wrap this thread around Beyblade, attach the launcher and just pull the ring.
    Beyblade with cardboard

Beyblade is ready for playing. Try making it at home but only in adult supervision. Do share your pictures with us on our Facebook group.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we make Beyblade with paper instead of cardboard?

One can use a thick paper with high GSM to make Beyblade.

Can we use Fevicol instead of hot glue?

Yes you can use Fevicol too. Check out how to make Fevicol at home.

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