Captain America’s Wakandan Shield DIY

Wakandan Shields are a type of collapsible vibranium shield used by Captain America during the Battle of Wakanda. It is the primary defensive and offensive piece of equipment used by and emblematic of Captain America. Over the years, Captain America has used several shields of varying composition and design. His original heater shield first appeared in Captain America Comics #1 (March 1941). We will today try to make the Captain America’s Wakandan Shield out of cardboard.

Captain America's Wakandan Shield

How to make Captain America Wakandan Shield

Captain America Wakandan Shield DIY

Material Required:

Follow these step by step instructions:

  • First step to cut the cardboard into different shapes as parts of Wakandan Shields. Now paste 2 shapes on the base of the shield with a half inch gap and fill the gap with a hot glue gun.
  • After filling the gap with a hot glue gun, you can see the shield is titled, now make 4 small holes 2 on the top and 2 at the bottom where you can attach the black elastic ribbons with screws.
  • Next step is to fix the rest of the parts of the shield with the help of Fevicol. Just leave 4 small parts as shown in my video.
  • Once the parts are placed well on the shield you will see the base of the shield is ready now, let’s colour the small parts with white paint and we will use back paint for the shield.
  • After that you will use a 0.5 brush to make the design on the shield with white paint.

Hurray, your own Captain America’s Wakandan Shield is ready. Try making this Shield at home and share your pictures with us on your Facebook Group.

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