McLaren P1 Car Scale Model made at home with Paper

I love cars, and I am completely amazed with Hyper Sport Cars. Always want to own one – not sure when that dream will come true, I decided to make one. What could be better than making the McLaren P1 – one of the fastest production cars available in the world. And this one is special – because I didn’t make it for myself. I made it for Sunny Uncle – owner of Autobest Emperio as a show piece for his new showroom. I hope he likes it…

Which is better?

How to make a Paper Car – McLaren P1 Scale Model with Templates at home?

Material Required:

How to make McLaren P1 Instructions:

  • Download the McLaren P1 templates from the Visual Spicer Website. You can choose to download the paid or the free version. For the FREE TEMPLATE – CLICK HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page. The Free Version is a plain White Template which you will need to paint yourself.
  • Take a print out of the Template on Ivory Paper – 40 pages of templates. You can also choose to take a print out of the instructions that come along with the templates.
  • Follow the step by step instructions which come along with the template and join one piece at a time – carefully.
  • Once the car is complete – paint it in your favorite colors and show off to your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much time did it take to make this complete car?

I worked on this car for 30-45 min everyday for almost 3-4 weeks. You can make it faster if you spend more time making it. Completely depends on you.

Can I make any other car model?

There are a couple of templates on Visual Spicer Website. You can choose the one you like – Lamborghini, McLaren, Ford, F1 Racing Car, etc. But all the other templates are paid – so you will need to buy them directly from Visual Spicer.car model templates

How can I contact Autobest Emperio?

You can check out their website and call them directly.

How big is the paper model car?

It is much larger than my expectation. This photo might give you some ideaMclaren P1 paper model made at home

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