Samurai Katana Sword with PAPER

A katana is a Japanese Sword characterized by a curved, single-edged blade with a circular or squared guard and long grip to accommodate two hands. It was used by samurai in feudal Japan. Katana are traditionally made from a specialized Japanese steel but today I making a very simple and easy sword using PAPER. Paper sword is really very simple to make and you are sure to enjoy playing with it a lot. Do check it out.

How to make Japanese Katana at home

Paper Sword Easy

Material Required:

  • Paper -Newspaper, plain and coloured
  • Fevicol
  • Black Ribbon

Follow these easy step by step instructions:

Paper Sword DIY

  1. Paper Strips

    Take a newspaper and make thin but tight rolls.

  2. Pasting the strips

    Make 4 such newspaper strips and paste it together. Cut the uneven ends. One end should be cut slant. Cover the strips with white paper. Give the slant shape at one end.

  3. Handle Making

    Use coloured paper, fold it and cut it through centre so as to insert it in the sword. Paste one more coloured paper to cover the handle of the sword as shown below.
    Paper Katana Making

  4. Ribbon Decoration

    Use black ribbon to decorate the handle just like Samurai sword. Your paper Katana/ sword is ready to fight.  Samurai KATANA SWORD with PAPER

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we make any sword using paper or cardboard?

Yes I have made many other swords like Iron Man’s Hand Blade Sword , Hawk Eye Sword, Deadpool Katana and Holster. Do try out these amazing and easy to make swords as well.

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