Aquaman Trident (Holi Pichkari)

The Trident of Neptune is a weapon wielded by Aquaman and one of the seven Relics of Atlantis. Naturally, “trident” means a kind of a three-pronged spear, the weapon with which Aquaman is traditionally associated. This Holi, I made this cool Aquaman Trident Pichkari. Isn’t it cool??? You can use this pichkari to water your plants, wash your car as well. Isn’t it cool!!! 🙂 🙂 Let’s check out how I made it

How to make Aquaman Trident Pichkari at Home

Material Required:

  • PVC Pipe
  • 4 way PVC connector
  • 2 L- angle connector
  • 4 End Caps
  • 1 Connector
  • M-Seal
  • PVC Solvent Cement
  • Spray Paint

Follow these easy step by step instructions to make Aquaman Trident at Home:

Aquaman Trident Pichkari DIY

  1. Cutting PVC Pipes

    Cut a 17 cms PVC pipe and attach a 4 way connector using a solvent cement. Cut two 6 cms small pipe piece and attach it as shown below.

  2. Spear shape

    To give three pronged spear shape, attach two L-angles on small pieces. Attach two 17 cms on sides and cover with end cape.

  3. Water Nozzle outlet

    To create nozzle in centre section, attach a connector with a nozzle

  4. Shaping the Trident and Handle Making

    To give shape of a trident and to seal all gapes, use M-seal properly. For handle of the trident, put a 6 cms PVC piece at the bottom of the spear. Attach a 4-way connector, 2 cms small PVC piece and cover the small pieces with caps. Attach a long PVC pipe to this connector to make a handle. Refer to the image below.

  5. Painting Time

    Spray paint the spear with golden colour and let it dry completely.

Aquaman Trident Pichkari is ready to play with. Try making it with help of your parents and share the pictures with us on our Facebook Group.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you share any other idea to make simple pichkari on Holi?

I have a 5 minute pichkari using waste water bottle. Check out how to make simple bottle pichkari and try it out.
Also try out my another simple holi craft, Gulal Shooter.

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