Natural Gulaal at Home Without Chemicals

Holi is approaching, घर पर बनायें होली के रंग. I have prepared Homemade Organic Holi Colours using all natural ingredients. DIY Natural Holi Colours are ecofriendly and chemical free so absolutely safe to use. So this holi use these chemical free gulal or Natural Holi colour only and have a safe holi with your dear ones. Making herbal/ natural gulal is a very simple and quick process and uses all ingredients easily available at home.

Herbal Holi Gulal

How to make Herbal/ Natural Gulal at Home

Material Required:

  • Corn Flour
  • Beetroot puree for Red colour, Coriander puree for green and Haldi for Yellow
  • Water

Follow step by step instructions to make Natural Gulal at Home:

Herbal Gulal DIY

  1. Coloured Water

    Firstly mix the coriander puree/ Beetroot puree/ Haldi with little water.

  2. Coloured Paste

    Add generous amount of corn flour in the coloured water to make thick paste.

  3. Drying

    Let the respective coloured paste dry for 24 hours.

  4. Gulal or Holi powder making

    Once the paste is completely dried, sieve it using a fine sieve or grind it in mixer grinder to for powder.

  5. Any colour/ gulal preparation

    Follow the same step with all the colours and store in a air tight container.

Homemade natural gulal is ready to use. Make one at home and share your pictures with us at Facebook Group.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can we make pichkari for Holi at home?

You can make bottle pichkari at home. Check out the video on my YouTube Channel.

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