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BoBoiBoy is a Malaysian animated series where a teenage boy, BoBoiBoy is a comedy superhero who has superpowers that is based on elementals. BoBoiBoy is really popular overseas especially after the release of animated episods. Today I am sharing a super simple BoBoiBoy craft idea, BoBoiBoy Fridge Magnets.

How to Make BoBoiBoy Fridge Magnets

Material Required:

Follow Step by Step Instructions to make BoBoiBoy Fridge Magnets:

BoBoiBoy Craft

  1. Sticking Magnet

    Take a sheet of butter paper and grease a small portion with oil. Put a button magnet on the greased area and cover the magnet completely with hot glue.

  2. Cutout Making

    Take a printout of the BoboiBoy character images or any other image of choice and cut it out. Paste the cutouts on the magnet hot glue. Cover the cutout again with hot glue completely. Let it dry for few seconds.
    BoBoiBoy Craft

  3. Finishing the magnets

    Once dried, remove the magnet cutouts from the butter paper and trim the extra hot glue edges using scissors.
    Cutting BoBoiBoy Fridge Magnets

  4. Fridge Magnets ready

    Likewise any other fridge magnets can be prepared using same technique. Likewise, I have prepared Iron man, Avengers logo, Sparsh hacks logo fridge magnets.

Prepare more such simple Fridge Magnets and share the images with us on our Facebook Group.

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