Homemade Study Table for Online Classes

During the pandemic, everyone had been stuck in their homes. Everyone had to work/study from their homes only. So, I decided to make a study table for me which will make my classes comfortable. In today’s video I have shared how to make homemade study table with cardboard. My cardboard study table is actually very sturdy and it can take easily take weight of my books, lamp, and even laptop. One can also use this for their work purposes. Now let’s see how to make this.

How to make DIY Study Table with Cardboard

DIY Study Table
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Materials Required:

Follow these simple DIY steps to make Study Table with Cardboard:

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Cardboard Study Table

  1. Legs of the Table:

    Take two cardboard pieces of the huge box length. Take another two small pieces of cardboard. Paste them together as shown. Add more cardboard pieces inside it to give it strength. table legs

  2. Another Leg:

    Repeat step 1 to make the another leg of the table. Add cello tape at the corners to give it extra strength.Legs of the table

  3. Base of table:

    Clean one end of the cardboard box to make a flap of the table. Seal the opposite side. Paste a piece of cardboard inside to make two compartments. Base of table

  4. Structure of table:

    Reverse the base of the table. Place the two legs of the table and paste them.Structure of table

  5. Table top:

    Take three pieces of circle as shown in the picture. Paste them together. Cover its edges with paper strips. Then, paste it on the table top. It can be used as glass/cup holder or a lamp holder.Table top

  6. Stationery holder:

    Take cardboard pieces and make the holder structure as shown. Paste it on the table top. It can be used to store sharpners, erasers, etc.Stationery holder

  7. Mobile holder:

    Cut out these three pieces out of cardboard. Paste them together – fold the largest piece add rectangular piece to its front and triangular piece at the bottom. Paste it on the table top.mobile holder

  8. Flap:

    Add small cardboard piece on the flap. Paste velcro on both the sides. Now, you can easily lock it.flap of table

  9. DIY Study Table:

    Yay! your own study table is ready. Store books in the compartment. Add lamp, stationery items, glass, etc on table top and enjoy your classes comfortably.DIY study table

Hurray, your own Study Table is ready. Try making this cardboard DIY Study Table at home and share your pictures with us on our  FACEBOOK GROUP.

What other cardboard crafts can I make?

You can also make mobile phones out of cardboard and masks too.

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