Hovercraft at Home – it really Works

Have you ever thought – if you could make your own Hovercraft? If you haven’t then you should. You can now easily build and program your own hovercraft. A Hovercraft is a vehicle or craft that travels over land or water on a cushion of air provided by a downward blast. Today I tried making Hovercraft at Home using DRONA AVIATION’S components. Special thanks to Drona Aviation. You can buy it here…

Now let’s see how to build your own racing hovercraft.

How to make Hovercraft at Home?

Hovercraft at Home
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Materials Required:

Follow these simple DIY steps to make Hovercraft at Home:

Time needed: 45 minutes.

Hovercraft at Home

  1. Base of Hovercraft:

    Take a cardboard piece of the shape as shown. Then, cut out two medium sized circles.drone base

  2. Skirt of Hovercraft:

    Next, take a plastic polythene. Draw the shape of cardboard on it. Then, cut the same sized two circles. At last cut square from other side.skirt

  3. Attaching the skirt:

    After that, paste the cardboard piece on the skirt made.attaching skirt with base

  4. Drone base:

    Take two ice cream sticks. Paste them together in a cross shape. Add drone motors to two corners. drone

  5. Adding drone base:

    Next, on the back side we will attach the drone base with cardboard.drone

  6. Working mechanism:

    Take two cardboard pieces as shown. Paste drone motors on both the pieces. hovercraft drone

  7. Covering motors:

    Next, take a cardboard strip. Paste it in U shape around the motor. Repeat the process with another motor too.motor cover

  8. Attaching Micro-controller:

    At the center, attach mirco-controller of drone. Add battery in it and tie it with rubber band. Lastly, attach motors with the controller board and add camera module on top.microcontroller

  9. Final touches:

    For final touches, I am pasting my Logo on it. You can paste anything you like. logo on hovercraft

  10. Connecting with phone:

    Install Pluto application in your device. Connect it with the drone. Check its working.drone with phone

  11. Hovercraft:

    Yay! Your very own Hovercraft is ready for the race now. Enjoy!hovercraft

Hurray, your own Hovercraft is ready. Try making this easy Hovercraft at home which really works and share your pictures with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP.

What other drone crafts can I try?

You can also try Flying Drone, Falcon Red Wing Drone and Heli Carrier Drone.

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