An inexplicable object,
As black as smoldering coal,
People call it a space monster,

Because I am talking about a deep dense dark black hole.

The most dominant one is a Gargantua,
They flare into intense activity,
When their gravity pulls in nearby stars and gas,
These rapidly spinning guys can have huge amount of radioactivity.

Spaghettification is what happens inside the black hole,
Flashes of lightness and darkness, turbulence increasing as a whole,
Outside star dust encompasses the heart of the hollow
As an Avengers fan, I correlate it with eye of agamotto.

Do you think light can escape a black hole?
Well, Stephen Hawking proved they are not that black after all!!

He followed Newton’s 3 rd law – to reach somewhere, we have to leave something behind.

And this monstrous buddy can actually help us,
In finding another home somehow,

Imagine being in the light of a new sun, in our new home,
I can’t wait to say, ”I am standing on our new home right now”!!

Sparsh Mahajan

I love to create new stuff - art, craft, stories, etc. and I love to LEARN!!!

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