Mobile Stand with Cooler for online classes

Pandemic had made students life a little miserable. Everyone has to attend online classes which often gets very tiring for the students who take classes from their mobile. As they either have to hole it or place it somewhere from where it keeps on falling. Heating of device is another problem. So I decided to make a solution for this. I made this Mobile Stand with Cooler with cardboard which will solve both the problems. Try making this today. Now let’s see how to make this.

How to make a Cardboard Mobile Stand with cooler for online classes

Mobile Stand with Cooler
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Materials Required:

Follow these simple DIY steps to make Mobile stand with cooler:

Time needed: 20 minutes.


  1. Cooler:

    First, take the CPU cooler and a piece of flexible cardboard. Paste it around the cooler.cooler

  2. Front cover:

    Next, take a cardboard piece of 11 cm x 19 cm. Cut a piece of 6 cm x 7 cm from the middle. Paste the cardboard piece on cooler as shown.front cover

  3. Stand:

    Then, two cardboard pieces of shape as shown. Paste it at the bottom part of the cooler. It will become the stand.stand

  4. Base of stand:

    After that, take another piece of cardboard. Paste it below the stand made in previous step. base

  5. Mobile stand:

    Next, cut a strip of cardboard and paste it as shown in the picture. Take another piece as paste it below this mobile stand made for extra stand

  6. Switch:

    Then, take any old USB. Cut the end part. Now you will see two wires. Connect a switch with one of these wires.switch

  7. Working mechanism:

    Now, its time to connect these wires with the cooler. Connect black wire in the first port and switch wire in the second port. Test its working.working mechanism

  8. Working:

    Now, paste the switch at front for easy use.working

  9. Fan cover:

    Next, take cardboard piece. Cut slots. Cover the fan with it. fan cover

  10. Detailing:

    At last, I have paste my logo. You can decorate it as you want.detailing

  11. Mobile Stand with Cooler:

    Yay! Finally your DIY mobile stand with cooler is ready to stand with cooler

Hurray, your own Mobile Stand with Cooler is ready. Try making this cardboard Mobile Stand with Cooler at home and share your pictures with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP.

Are there any other craft for online classes?

Yes, you can make cardboard study table.

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