Star Lord Quad Blaster Gun from Guardians of the Galaxy

Star-Lord uses a weapon of identical appearance known as the Element Gun, a weapon capable of conjuring each of the four elements. The akimbo fashion of the Quad Blaster his twin Kree Sub-Machine Guns which he uses in the comics at a point when he did not use his Element Gun. Star Lord was seen using this gun in various Marvel Avengers movies including Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers End Game. Let us try to make it with cardboard in a very simple manner.

How to make Star Lord Quad Blaster Gun from Guardians of the Galaxy

Quad Blaster Gun
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Materials Required:

Follow these simple DIY steps to make Star Lord Quad Blaster Gun:

Time needed: 20 minutes.

Quad Blaster Gun

  1. Stencil:

    First, take a plain paper. Draw Star Lord gun shape on it. Then, cut it out. stencil

  2. Base:

    Now, use the stencil and cut out five cardboard pieces. In middle, you have to paste the piece which has extra slot. Rest pieces on both sides. base

  3. Detailing:

    Next, take three paper strips and make rolls. Fit them in gun as shown.detailing

  4. Painting:

    So, before painting cover the entire gun with newspaper and fevicol solution. Paste other two paper rolls as shown. After that, start painting.painting

  5. Quad Blaster Gun:

    Yay! Finally your own Star Lord Gun is ready! Enjoy playing with it.quad blaster gun

Hurray, your own Star Lord Quad Blaster Gun is ready. Try making this easy Quad Blaster Gun with cardboard at home and share your pictures with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP.

Can I make any other Star Lord also?

Yes, you can make Star Lord Mask with paper.

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